Don McLaughlin


…Richard has been very good in future proofing my business, giving Investment & Estate Planning advice and for further down the road; exit strategies for Retirement.

Paul Fahey

Pharmacist - Tullamore

Richie has re-enlightened me about future planning, future proofing my investment in my business and future proofing how I’m going to fund my Retirement….

Walfrid Private helped me think about what I needed as opposed to what someone coming in the door was trying to sell to me

Pierce Healy – Carlow


Richie is very upfront with all his information and he has plenty of information to give out. There was a lot that we had never even heard of before and a lot we can use in the future that might not have been on our minds at the moment. But we know Richie will be there and we can come back to him for years to come.

Richie is always very good at keeping in contact and always very quick to come back to us if we have a query.

Roy Hogan


Richard has helped me with Optimising my Pension, Centralised Investment Processes, Developing a Wealth Management Platform and looking at future Legacy Control. I have found it all very useful and I would be happy to recommend Richard to any future clients

Liam Butler


I moved all of my business to Richard in 2015 because he impressed me with his knowledge of the market, I am very interested in holding onto and protecting money I have made, Richard has come up with some good ways to reduce my tax liability. … I am impressed with the customer service, Service is important to me and in turn I expect a good level of service in return from our service providers. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard, and anyone that hasn’t already talked to him should talk to him.