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What makes Walfrid Private Advisors different?

Posted in on Mar 24, 2020

We integrate all the financial areas in your life, including tax planning and preparation, estate planning, and investment advice. Our holistic approach includes a wide range of services, and we understand that our clients will need these services to varying degrees. We work with you to determine which areas are priorities for you and which areas we feel need more attention.

  • Unbiased Fee-Only commitment on pension and investment advice
  • Holistic approach to planning: all the financial areas of your life are integrated in one overall, wide-ranging plan.
  • Focus on client education.
  • Full Service Retainer: with this open-ended retainer, appointments are not limited, simply contact us to request a phone call or schedule an appointment to discuss whatever financial issues you may be having, at no extra charge.
  • For those who require a more extensive plan, our Wealth Management program is available.
  • A complimentary initial consultation is available to review your situation and develop a proposal.