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What can I expect during a client review meeting?

Posted in on Mar 24, 2020

We believe that client review meetings are equally as important as the first meeting we ever held with you. You can expect to have us start with the “Wealth Management Update”. We’ll be asking questions about any events that have changed in your life, any financial issues that have caused you to save, spend, or earn more money. Hopefully all of your financial information will be aggregated through our Wealth View program by your first review meeting. This will allow us to have up-to-date information on all aspects of your financial life and we can be prepared to offer thoughts and feedback to you. In addition, we will review the overall asset allocation, risk tolerance, performance and projections designed to help you achieve your goals. Most clients tell us that each time they visit the office they not only learn something more about their personal financial situation, but they wish they had begun a relationship with us much sooner.