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Are you really committed to Financial Planning once assets are under your management?

Posted in on Mar 24, 2020

As an advisory firm, we are committed to delivering the same depth of analysis and reporting that we developed for your initial financial plan. On an ongoing basis, we will continue to update the progress of your goals and make recommendations as needed. In addition, our client’s continuously turn to us for advice on the following areas:

  • Advice and analysis on large purchase considerations such as a home, boat or car. In fact, we’ve been known to visit auto dealerships with many of our widowed and single clients so that the “sales” process doesn’t seem so daunting.
  • Advice and analysis on refinancing and mortgages.
  • Advice on reallocation and review of retirement plans held with your current employer.
  • Analysis of corporate benefits such as stock options, deferred compensation plans, executive bonus plans, etc.
  • Ongoing reviews.
  • Continued analysis of Life, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Ongoing conversations pertaining to estate issues such as legacy planning, tax planning charitable giving and more.