A comprehensive personalised “life cashflow” – will pull all of your current / future …

  1. Income
  2. Expenditure
  3. Assets
  4. Liabilities together and project out the likelihood of you meeting your expenditure commitments & goals .

A detailed cashflow is a key precursor to making informed decisions before you decide to invest, top-up your pension, buy that boat, gift your kids or sell that negative equity property. A personalised cashflow will help you understand how this financial decision could impact your current / future life.

What is Cashflow Modelling?

1) A detailed picture of your current expenditure & future spending.

2) Your planned means for paying for the above; e.g. Current income, Planned future asset realisation/sales (e.g. stock/property sale), Pension drawdown.

Cashflow is dynamic and helps you adapt your plan to let you know where you stand. Where a cashflow highlights a gap – this allows you to:

(a) Make choices about what’s most important to you. e.g. – retire, ‘trophy home’, extravagant lifestyle now vs gift kids in future.

(b) Make financial choices about the trade-offs you must consider; Can you earn more / work longer? Do you want to reduce expenditure? Do you want to change investment strategy? (risk / tax vehicle) Do you wish to sell assets?