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Mrs. Brown, 57, Ireland.

Posted in on Mar 23, 2020

Motivation to move to a Wealth Management firm:

Mrs Brown had a large number of Pension, Personal and Business Investments that she did not understand.

Financial Concerns: Investments with differing Management Charges, Strategies, Investment Terms & Risk Profiles. No direction, Exit Strategies, Tax Planning, Income Planning or Expenditure Planning. More importantly there was no Centralised Investment Strategy.

Of the 17 different investment products sold there was no correlation or continuity between them. The Client received 17 different batches of paper a year and shoved them into a drawer.

Walfrid Private offered Ann a solution:

Walfrid Private offered Mrs Brown a Centralised Investment Process, Systematic Reporting, Transparent Charging Structure, Cost Efficiencies and Fee Based Advice.


Mrs Brown is now on the Walfrid One Platform and is in control of all her finances for the first time. Costs have been significantly reduced.