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Walfrid Private makes it easy for clients to access world class long term investment management, without hidden fees or large commissions. We construct, develop and manage your personalised Globally diversified Investment Portfolios across all asset classes.
Design it and leave us to manage it.
Once your comfort threshold for risk is found and your portfolio is chosen, we'll do the work so that you can focus on work and family.
Efficient Fee Structures
Investing should be cost efficient. We provide investment management in a straight line cost structure, leaving more in the fund to invest.
Tax Management
We manage investments with tax in mind. Minimising your tax is key to maximising wealth. When possible we use gross roll up & reduced exit tax rates.

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You work hard for your money, now take the step and let Walfrid Private manage it for you.
We are a sophisticated Wealth Management firm that offers investment and pension advice on a fee for service basis.
We do not take commissions on Pension or Investment Business.
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What We Do


  • Legacy Control
  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Power of Guardianship
  • Capital Acquisitions – Inheritance Tax shelters
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Extraction

    Availability of different reliefs that will provide you with Tax Efficient Extraction Strategies.


  • Increasing Performance
  • Reducing Costs
  • Reducing Tax
  • Model Portfolios
  • Centralised Investment Process.
  • Protection

  • Foundation
  • Protection
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Reducing Tax
  • Reducing Charges
  • Estate Planning

    How to preserve your assets

    Retirement Planning

    How to target distribution of assets in a tax efficient way

    Business Planning

    How to grow and manage your business


    How to minimize your tax burden

    Risk Management

    How to protect your assets

    "Walfrid Private helped mitigate the potential tax loss for our estate, they were professional and helped guide us through every step of the way."

    Mr & Mrs Reid
    Pharmacy Owners & Property Investors
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